It has always been and remains my passion to make tapping as accessible as possible to everyone. I am also committed to teaching and sharing usable self help techniques to people that they can readily use themselves in any given situation. Accordingly, I now run short evening courses, sometimes with another therapist.

The aim of the courses is to bring together the best of a variety of tried and tested techniques to deliver stress management approaches that work, are quick to learn and easy to implement into everyday life.

I use a variety of methods including breathing and meditation techniques, guided visualisation exercises and of course EFT (tapping) to assist course attendees to relax and cope better with stressful situations in their lives. We also dive deep with EFT (tapping) to help participants identify and release core limiting beliefs. Working in groups can be very productive as many of us have surprisingly similar core beliefs such as “the world is a dangerous place”, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve it”.

We challenge existing beliefs and seek to establish more life-affirming and nourishing ones, in place of those that sabotage your progress.

I also run group sessions for those that wish to be more motivated in business and those that have the common goal of weight loss. I am always happy to discuss running group sessions for any small group where there is a common interest amongst attendees.


For more information on Course Dates, Times and Locations, please contact me via the contact page.