Below are testimonials from some of my clients.

I would like to heartily endorse Suzanne’s work with EFT and tapping by sharing some of my experiences with you.

My most obvious success was that with my snake phobia. For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified and repulsed even by the thought or name of these creatures, and seeing them even in pictures or videos has terrified me, while the prospect of actually encountering or touching them in real life has been the stuff of nightmares.

Having spent some time on tapping and other work with Suzanne, I was able to visit a relative whose son had a pet American corn snake. As instructed during the preparatory session, I visualised the day several times in advance, seeing myself calmly take the snake, touch it, feel it, see it. On the actual day, the experience was exactly as the visualisations had been. I simply took the snake and sat for 15 to 20 minutes allowing it to wrap itself around my hand and arm, guiding and handling it as necessary, talking to it as one would to a favourite pet. Eventually, I placed the snake back in its cage. There was no fear, no dread, no courage needed. Dealing with this individual fear has changed my attitude to approaching other things or activities that I have been frightened of in the past. (Believe me, there have been many). Now, where I would normally say ‘no thanks’, I am more like to say, ‘I’ll give it a go’, and when I do there is no trepidation.

I am also working with Suzanne on emotional ‘baggage’ from my past, which has had extremely negative effects on many areas of my adult life, including relationships, health, career, experiences. Together we have made great inroads, and I am now more mindful, more capable of finding the joy in life, and more enthused to continue my journey of self-realisation.

So, for anyone trying to cope with fears, phobias, hang-ups, emotional baggage, I would sincerely recommend that you visit Suzanne and consider working with her.

– FT, proof reader, North Wales

I have run many successful business in the past 22 years, however it hasn't always been a breeze and sometimes I have doubts in my ability. I went to see Su Platt to see if there was anything that she could help me with.

After my first session, I was absolutely astonished as to how I felt. It was as if a weight had been lifted. Within a few days circumstances which I previously had no control over suddenly started to change and have positive outcomes.

I now see Su to help me achieve positivity and results in both personal and business life.

I use the coaching technique she has taught me everyday. I am so pleased with my results from her sessions that I have already recommended her to friends for all different reasons. They too are seeing a huge benefit in receiving coaching from Su.

If there was a trip advisor for what Su has managed to help me overcome and achieve, she would have 100 percent excellent rating.

– JV, North Wales

I have been recovering from Panic disorder and Agoraphobia and depression which was diagnosed last year. With a combination of treatments varying from medication and CBT to mindful self compassion. I met Suz who showed a true passionate drive to help. Suz has shown compassion and open mindedness towards my challenging case. Treatment is continuing for me and I am looking forward to the future possibilities. EFT with Suz has given me a deeper understanding of my own mind and is helping me connect with my inner self. An inner self that had lost complete confidence. EFT is something that you can utilise when facing a hard moment and it will always help. EFT is there always and Suz is a brilliant therapist.

– HS, Scientist, North Wales


I recommend EFT to absolutely everyone!

I started EFT with Suzanah about 3 months ago and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. I had very little knowledge of what EFT was and how it could help me before I started but I decided to have an open mind and give it a go. (I’m so glad I did!!)

I used to be a very anxious person and found it was ruling my everyday life. I was losing my confidence and I was struggling to trust my own judgement. After my first session, I felt a remarkable shift in myself. After a few more sessions there was no denying the change in me. My confidence has grown tenfold and I can now make my own decisions without questioning my own judgement and I no longer let the anxious feelings rule me. I feel like EFT has allowed me to take back control of my life. I am so much happier and lighter now that I’ve been able to release all of the negativity that was weighing me down.

And as for Suzanah… I cannot recommend her enough. I felt immediately at ease in her company and I always leave our sessions feeling like a new woman! She is a very special lady who genuinely cares for her clients.

– EJ, clinic manager, North Wales

Thank you so much Suzanah for my EFT session I feel that I have been released from a difficult emotional place. Now I feel free and I can face these once difficult emotions head on feeling inwardly and outwardly so calm and in control! You are such a lovely person and so professional and I can not thank you enough.

-RB, company director, North Wales

My wife had been to see Suzanah and successfully stopped biting her nails, amongst other things. I was the biggest sceptic up until that point, however, I decided I had nothing to lose and would give it a go. In three sessions with Suzanah using Matrix reimprinting techniques, I stopped biting my nails too and most importantly I dealt with some strong emotions surrounding my mother’s untimely death, which to be honest I had not appreciated were holding me back. I would advise anyone who thinks as I did, to suspend that thinking and give this unconventional method a try. It really is very effective and Suzanah is a sensitive and thoughtful therapist.

-AP, Retail Manager, North Wales

My sessions with Sue have been really wonderful. She is a fantastic EFT practitioner, very intuitive and adept at uncovering the core of the problem. As an EFT practitioner myself, I find it invaluable to work with someone who is so expert with the technique and her knowledge is extensive. She has helped me deal with a mild addiction that I have not had success with when working on my own.

With Sue’s guidance, I have made some interesting and sometimes surprising discoveries about myself which has led to an increased sense of happiness and confidence in myself. I recommend her highly and will continue to have sessions with her to continue this path of self discovery.

-FG, Alternative therapist, North Wales

I find EFT and matrix reimprinting so powerful and helpful in my daily life. Suz offers practical tools to really help shift certain patterns and thoughts. Her warm and compassionate approach means I can explore issues safely. Guided meditation is also used, I find this so relaxing and calming. I view this as a mental treat for me!'.

I would not hesitate to recommend Suz.

-AC, Marketing & Promotions Manager, North Wales