About Suzanah

My Passion, Your Passion

Forty years of experiencing this Universe lead me to the point where I felt there was no other viable alternative for me, but to start sharing what I know with others. I knew I had found my passion. My be all and end all. I live my dream every day, I get to help people follow their passion, find their innate already present worthiness and live with joy in their hearts.

My Career……so far!

Like so many others that enter this world, my background was not in therapy or coaching. In fact, after graduating with a Social Science degree (1997) which included a good measure of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy modules, I worked in corporate Financial Services for seven years before returning to University in 2004 to study Law. I studied for the Graduate Diploma in Law, following which I undertook the BVC (academic qualifications to become a Barrister) and was called the Bar in 2006. I have since worked in the legal profession as a County Court Advocate for ten years, which has afforded me a vast array of experiences. I left the legal profession in 2016 and set up my busy coaching practice, doing exactly what I love.

My Story – Wrestling with Reality

I recall as a child always feeling a perpetual sense that I did not fit in. I was incredibly sensitive to the world around me, easily hurt by others and often anxious. I was frequently told I needed to “toughen up” or “lighten up” and was often accused of “day dreaming”! My personality made me an easy target for emotional bullies and left me feeling unworthy, lacking in confidence and afraid of the opinions of others. I felt unsafe in the world. I habitually found myself “people pleasing” and trying to fit in as a teenager and in my early 20s. Anxiety continued to follow me everywhere and my sensitivity felt like a huge problem that needed to be solved. I recall feeling I needed to “find the answer” to myself (me being the problem OBVIOUSLY). I chose A levels in Psychology and Sociology amongst other things, with the mindset that it would help me to understand myself better and all that was wrong with me might be resolved. I chose my degree for similar reasons. Needless to say, neither of them helped me to change who I was but it did spark a life time love affair with the subject of human nature, psychology and behavioural change. After I finished my first degree, I set about reading every book I could find on personal development and change. I devoured book after book in a very long search to find “the answer to myself”. I wanted change, I wanted to feel alright about myself, I wanted to know who I really was and feel inner peace. I was desirous of not being consumed by the opinions of others. I needed to understand the Universe and how it operated and functioned. Beyond personal development books I also studied “in-depth” the Law of Attraction and have read literally hundreds of books on the subject. I became fascinated with quantum physics and meta physics. My “seeking” tendencies eventually lead me to the solutions I needed. However, it did not come quick at first and it was not without many false starts and failed promises. My mission is to bring the best of what I know to my clients and leave that which has not worked for me. If my experiences can serve as a guide to just one person, it will be worthwhile to me.

Along my journey I learnt a lot and implemented many strategies for change, some of which lead to small changes in my behaviours and confidence levels, but nothing really shifted very much. I achieved quite a lot in some ways considering how I felt in the world, yet every day was still worry filled and I never felt good enough in any situation. I had a fear of flying which I had inherited and I was totally avoidant of going on a plane. It was this fear that finally lead me to try something that worked for me. I tried Hypnosis and a very expensive fear of flying course, but neither of these truly helped. I did finally go on a plane but I was still terrified. Then I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as “tapping” and everything changed. Shortly after I discover Matrix Reimprinting which is a very advanced version of EFT Tapping.

It was after I saw for myself the profound and sometimes very rapid results that this remarkable energy therapy could offer that I decided to gain my practitioner status. Not only was my flying fear sorted out very rapidly, but everything changed in my life. I found my purpose, was able to make peace with the past, my anxiety decreased to the point that I can hardly remember what it was like to have it. I very rarely, if ever find myself worrying. I have found emotional equanimity and all thanks to these incredible energy therapies, together with a deep understanding of Universal principles that underpin these modalities. My anxiety is a thing of the past, but I now understand that what appeared to be a curse in the form of over sensitivity is actually a blessing. I now understand that I am an Empath. I have a deep understanding and sensitivity towards others and without it I would not be half the person or the Coach that I am today. It has been quite a journey and this is the very abridged version. I share this with you here in the hope that it will inspire others to realise that true change is possible.

My Training

I trained in AMMET accredited EFT with Janice Thompson and in Matrix Reimprinting with the founder/inventor of it, Karl Dawson who is also an EFT Master. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have studied with them both. They were kind enough to share their knowledge, talent and ability with me and I am eternally grateful to them both for facilitating such change in me.

I use various healing and behavioural change modalities, whilst also drawing on my own personal academic and professional background to assist my clients to set, reach and retain their goals. The techniques I use are simple, practical and life altering. I know from my own experience how powerful they can be and I have the daily delight of seeing clients undergo cognitive shifts in their thinking patterns. As Karl Dawson the creator of Matrix Reimprinting says it’s like “resolving the irresolvable”.
My Specialist Interest Areas

I bring my own very unique skill-set to the coaching process. This gives me a special interest in working with clients on anxiety and stress, confidence issues and public speaking. I am also passionate about helping empaths and highly sensitive people negotiate the world and helping people transition from a life of mediocrity to one that is in alignment with their highest purpose. I am especially keen on assisting in big career changes as I feel a special affinity and deep understanding in this area.

My Dream

I live my dream everyday with such gratitude. I live with my husband and three cats in beautiful North Wales. When I am not pursuing my first love of coaching, I spend time staying in alignment with my true self. I meditate daily to stay connected to my surroundings and the power of the Universe. I love go on long walks in all weathers in our beautiful local scenery and I am grateful for some truly amazing people in my life.

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