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Most business people, professionals and entrepreneurs are aware of the 6P principle of business success -Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. However, I have my own version of the 6P principle – “Pledge, Peace, Precision, Poise, Pluck and Passion” Not only is this a more polite version of the principle (!) but, concepts are crucial to achievement in all things and business is no exception.

As one of my clients, an MD from Bristol once described having a small business: “it can feel as though you are surfing. Whilst this is exhilarating, it is at the same time as though there is a huge wave constantly chasing you, waiting to crash. It is your job to stay ahead of the wave at all times”.


­The first initial question you have to ask yourself is: are you ready, willing and able to PLEDGE the investment of time and resources to affect the constructive changes necessary to remove the blocks to whatever is holding you back in your business or your person life?

A PLEDGE will also be required to set and maintain goals. This will involve the development of new habits. It will also mean the maintenance of new habits which is an area that I will be assisting you greatly on an on going basis, as needed. This will happen partly through accountability and party through teaching you techniques that make behavioural change far easier than it otherwise might be.


Goal setting is a brilliant and essential place to start achieving and I will work with you in the earliest stages of your coaching to do this. These goals will then be assessed regularly and updated according to the changing needs of you and your business. However, it is worthy of note that continuous stress, which is an unfortunately a reality for many small and medium sized business owners, leads to diminished ability to have sharp mental functioning. What is needed in business is a capacity for laser sharp focus, global thinking and quick decision making skills. If these are not in place and you have a high degree on inwardly turbulent thinking, this can lead to catastrophic results.

As I am sure you are aware, those that are high achievers in any discipline be that sport, business, management or leadership will seek to achieve a state of focus and inner equilibrium. This is a place where the techniques and tools that I teach will be invaluable to you in achieving a sense of PEACE no matter what is going on around you. There are relatively easy methods to “in the moment” re-balancing of thought and mood, which leads me to the next big issue-poise.


As you learn to be more composed in your thinking and decision making, so you will begin to feel more confident in your ability to handle any situation that you are thrown. This leads to a natural ability to have clarity on what you need to do and then you will move towards your goals with enthusiasm. You will feel confidence in yourself, which leads to a natural POISE that allows others to trust your judgment and makes you a natural influencer.


As peace of mind and poise come, then so does precision thinking. Once you have a laser like focus, you on your way to taking positive action towards your desired outcomes. In session, I will assist you by using a variety of techniques to allow you to “try on” different options to see what “feels right”. It is surprising how accurate “gut feelings and instincts” can be. By achieving the calm mind, you will be able to see beyond your existing beliefs, limiting blocks and current behaviour.


There is a very well used phrase which goes: feel the fear and do it anyway. Life and business are such that you will inevitably come across difficult encounters, situations outside of your comfort zone and you will have to face fears to progress. For some this may be dealing with employee/r situations, for others public speaking. I have an abundance of brilliant tools to help you quickly and easily overcome these fears and step into your power effortlessly.


Although listed last, this is one of the most important aspects of success. If you are not truly acting in accordance with your own passion, it is hard to find the enthusiasm needed to be a massive achiever. It is fundamental that your goals are in alignment with your true-self. Congruence is key!


This is why I called my business SPLATT COACHING, because although it is my name (Suzanah PLATT) it is also anacronym for my approach. I use a vast variety of difference techniques in my coaching practice, which include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is scientifically proven to work for stress reduction and management and works to increase the efficacy of cognitive shifts required in attitude change, necessary for success. I also use breathing techniques to assist with instant relaxation and present moment precision thinking. These are also wonderful for public speaking which I am well able to assist you with as a trained Advocate of ten years experience. Guided visualisation techniques and methods of anchoring are also wonderful tools for personal development. I am a clear thinking, straight talking, empathic yet extremely practical person and my coaching style reflects this approach. If you would like to discuss your individual or company needs with me, I welcome you making contact with me.

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