Havening is the latest addition to my coaching tool kit and I must say one of the most exciting things I have worked with. Havening is wonderful as both a self-help and a therapeutic practice tool. It is easy to learn and effective in building resilience in the brain when used by clients on a regular basis in between coaching sessions.

I first heard about Havening when reading a book by Paul Mckenna. I was immediately fascinated and after trying it out on myself for a number of past traumas, I felt the quick results that usually happen when this technique is used and expertly applied. I was also impressed by the credentials of its creators Drs Ron and Steven Ruden. Dr Ron is a MD PhD , a physician working in Manhattan with a specialist interest in neurochemistry has completed over a decade of research with Havening.

Havening is known as a psycho-sensory process, which involves the application of gentle stroking actions on the arms, face and palms (please see video below where I demonstrate these). This gentle touch stimulates receptors on the skin which has the effect of creating a Delta brainwave pattern. We usually only release Delta waves whilst in the deepest sleep or in some cases during some meditation practice. In a Havening session the client is not in any kind of trance state, they are fully present and focused, whilst also raising Delta waves at the same time. This unique state, gives us much potential for change work. The Delta waves appear to give us prompt access to the unconscious mind, allowing us to access early memories or unearth subconscious beliefs with relative ease, where the client was often hitherto unaware of a negative thought pattern.

There are now several different types of Havening, which are skillfully used by the practitioner at the appropriate moment. Sometimes distraction is used whilst Havening Touch is applied together with pattern interruption such as humming or counting backwards. This has the ability to clear the emotional charge from a disturbing memory in minutes. AMPA receptors in the Amygdala (fear centre) of our brains are de-phosphorylated by a neurotransmitter known as calcineurin which has the effect of de-linking any negative emotional content and in most cases replacing it with a sense of peace.

Havening touch releases mood enhancing neurotransmitters such as Serotonin which stabilize mood and augment a positive state of being, thus when Havening Touch is applied together with the verbal chanting of affirmations or other inventive language patterns, then we can create sought after states of mind almost at will. Think of the power of that as an application, which can be taught and self-applied.

Havening Touch stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system, which the opposite of the fight flight response, it is our rest, relax, digest response. Thus, just the simple application of this touch will make you feel supremely relaxed and I have found even euphoric (especially after doing some serious change work).

In short, Havening has multiple potential applications, from clearing traumatic memories, to changing the way we feel about a situation in our lives, to assisting us to identify and change limiting beliefs, to creating a flow state, to simple relaxation. It makes it the perfect coaching companion and my clients and I are grateful for it on a daily basis.

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