LLanberis Lake plack

Individual immersive, intensive retreat

This individual retreat provides intensive 1-2-1 coaching and therapy as needed. It is a super time-efficient and cost-effective way to tackle directly and resolve any past events or traumas that still effect you, to challenge out-dated self-limiting beliefs that no longer support you in your present moment or confront any emotional blocks that hold you back from being who you seek to be. Any area of your life can be worked with including but not limited to work, career, home, family or habits and routine.

This process is both immersive and intensive, therefore processing time between sessions is of paramount importance. Therefore, these Individual Retreats are offered at Suz’s home in the beautiful setting and healing energy of North Wales, where space, clean air plus spectacular beaches and mountains surround us. Between sessions you will have time allocated to chill, eat, reflect, rest, walk around outside in the considerable gardens or whatever you feel you need. This time is AS important as the Coaching/Therapy sessions themselves. The whole thing is symbiotic.

You will be staying in your own personal space which comprises a contemporary self-catering cottage adjoined to Suz’s home. This affords you the luxury of not having to travel at all during your retreat unless you wish to do so. Within your accommodation suite there is a beautiful light, spacious room, which is where your therapy sessions will be held. Any time when you are not “in session” this space will be entirely for your private use to chill, relax, watch the birds or the TV! There is a large open aspect window overlooking the garden. This is a fabulous space to reflect and practice what you have learned. This is how we get the perfect balance between intensive coaching/therapy and down/reflective time in between. Your accommodation includes a spacious double bedroom, bathroom with double shower to the upstairs and a lovely large, kitchen diner downstairs all for your exclusive use throughout your stay.

During your time you will be working exclusively with Suz, she will not be seeing any other clients at all during your stay and when you see the schedule you will know why!! Intensive means just that. So, you are her only focus for the three days. The journey taken together in partnership with your Coach is very special and Suz considers it an extreme privilege to be able to share the path with you in this remarkably effective way.

The structure of your retreat is agreed in advance in terms of session times and integration/reflective times and is strictly adhered to in order to make sure you get all the time you need for both. However, your session time is bespoke to whatever you need and will be very fluid as  your retreat unfolds in its own unique way.

Sessions will be likely to include therapy sessions for clearing past memories, events, traumas or beliefs that hold you back and coaching sessions to establish core values, life path and goals. The combination and layout of these will be as required by you in each session.

Suz is a gentle therapist with extreme empathy, but also has a robust coaching style when this is appropriate. This powerful combination and skillset makes for an incredible and highly individualised retreat full of transformation.

You will also leave with a set of SIMPLE, PRACTICAL LIFE ALTERING TOOLS and TECHNIQUES that will help you glide through the rest of your life.

Ongoing 1-2-1 coaching can be provided if necessary via Zoom required once back in your usual setting.

Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page and a time can be arranged for a free informal chat to see if this style of coaching may be suitable for your needs, situation and current emotional state of health.

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