Intensive 1-2-1 Coaching

“Radical Refocus – new path to Emotional Wellness”

Sometimes life throws us a series of challenges or fundamental changes take place which maybe beyond our control.  Sometimes we just feel we have lost our way and need a complete overhaul of our focus, our careers, our business, or our lives in general. Whatever is the case, sometimes we seek out coaching as a way forward to help us. For some, regular one to one coaching over a number of weeks or months is the best package, but there are others who have a different approach and prefer an intensive intervention. This can be purely circumstantial, time constraints or simply just preference. To cater for everyone, SPLATT COACHING is now offer two-day bespoke packages, of one to one coaching based in North Wales.  This is unique opportunity to work so closely along side Suzanah.

These specialist packages require commitment and courage from you but what you will get back will be truly transformational and has the benefit of bringing about quicker change for those that want it. Therapy and coaching is a real investment in yourself and Suzanah understands what it takes to bare your soul and choose to heal.

Suzanah will work with you directly “one-to-one”, over the two days.  There will be breaks in between sessions to process the information and revelations gained throughs sessions, with time to relax and reflect. Your bespoke package may include as appropriate; coaching sessions for the purposes of identifying your core values/beliefs or perhaps goal setting and consideration of life purpose,  therapeutic sessions for the purposes of identifying and removing blocks to a positive outcome, walk and talk sessions which are great for sharing, discussion of issues and also consolidation from coaching or therapy session. The structure of your personal weekend, will depend on your needs, desires and the type of issues you intend to work on.

It is worth noting that 2-day coaching like hourly coaching unfolds as it needs to and Suzanah works intuitively and flexibly so that whatever needs to happen, will happen.

There may be an option to stay on site if you would like to be fully immersed, this would need to be discussed and agreed at the outset. You may also bring a partner with you if they wish to accompany but do their own thing during daytime sessions. North Wales offers a wonderful environment to heal and recover from your normal life. It is a tranquil location and the space here is peaceful and restorative.

For more information and an informal discussion please contact us via the contact page.

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