Matrix Reimprinting


What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix reimprinting is an elegant process devised by  EFT Master (and generally lovely chap) Karl Dawson.  Matrix reimprinting  is a very advanced version of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It does have it’s routes in EFT and like EFT is an energy psychology technique with the ability to release small T and big T traumas (see below for a working definition of these) from our past. These past traumas may be preventing us form achieving the peace of mind and indeed the life we want in the present. By working with this technique to resolve the past memories, we can then start to create the present and the  future we desire. Accordingly, Matrix Reimprinting allows us to work effectively with the Law of Attraction. Because we are able to go beyond the remit of EFT with this technique, to not just neutralise a negative memory from the past, but actually  to alter the feeling state to a more positive one by interacting with our “past self” , we can then change our point of attraction in the “now”. We are also able to influence the beliefs that are formed by these big and small T traumas (see below) thus instilling more supportive ones. Matrix Reimprinting  is powerful and allows us to start to create a reality that we prefer to see and begin manifesting our goals in a rather effortless way. Like EFT,  Matrix Reimprinting  can be considered as an appropriate technique for most emotional issues that block us, make us feel bad or prevent a positive mind-set in any way. Matrix Reimprinting is a delightful process that is FAR better experienced than read about. It has been responsible for much of the change that has taken place in my own life (see my About page).

Big T and Small T trauma definitions

Small T trauma is often overwhelming but not necessarily seen as traumatic. It can create emotions, beliefs & physical sensations in both the mind & body. Unprocessed traumas often have a long-lasting, negative effect on us, they can cause concentration, self-esteem & emotional regulation difficulties as well as altering later perceptions. There is not always intrusive imagery with small T traumas, which are also sometimes referred to as “complex trauma”. Big T trauma on the other hand is more obvious, they are major events normally defined as traumatic. They also can effect emotions and beliefs usually in a big, sometimes more obvious way. Examples may include but are no way limited to natural disasters, serious illness, rape, war and repetitive negative experiences.

Why is it called Matrix Reminprinting?

This technique works on the quantum physics premise, that there is an energy field all around us, that connects us to everything, to all that is (including our past and our future)  This energy field was referred to first by Max Planck in 1944 as the Matrix and is constantly referred to in varying ways by quantum physicists and spiritual teachers alike. It is this Matrix of energy that holds our past energetic selves and therefore when we revisit the memories and RE-WRITE or RE-IMPRINT the information in a new and supporting way, we change that energy field to make it more positive.

Useful books and Links Karl Dawson is the author of two books on the subject which come highly recommended:

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT –rewrite your past, transform your future by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby

Transform your beliefs, transform your life- EFT tapping Using Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson with Kate Kate Marillat

Heal your Birth, Heal your Life – Sharon King

My profile at Matrix Reimprinting.

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