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Naturally Balancing Mind and Body


Suzanah and Sally have brought together their considerable skill sets, to offer both male and female clients a personalised package to balance body and mind. Sally’s focus is initially assisting the client to assess and vary their existing diet and exercise routines to make sure that these align with the client’s self-determined goals. She will work within her clients chosen philosophies around food, for example if you are already vegan, vegetarian or have a preference for fasting diets such as 5:2. Sally has an instinctual preference for all things natural and holistic.  She will also provide ongoing and continuously updated support, accountability and motivation.

Suzanah’s focus is to assist clients in early and ongoing goal setting.  She will work with clients to identify and clear emotional road-blocks to success and provide the psychological tools and techniques to permit clients to reach their stated goals with relative ease.

Eating related issues are sometimes made worse by stress in the work place and the general anxieties of life, thus Suzanah will focus on teaching clients methods of relieving their stress and managing their emotions at work and home. Deeper issues can be tackled in sessions. Sally and Suzanah find this assists their clients further in attaining their food and lifestyle goals.

Suzanah and Sally work with a number of joint clients and it works incredibly well.  Their skill-sets and personalities complement each other beautifully. Sally is a compassionate, but straight talking coach and Suzanah is empathetic with laser sharp ability to get straight to the heart of an issue and clear it.

What we may be able to assist you with?

  • Weight loss and management
  • Stress management tools
  • Binge eating
  • General fitness
  • Sporting performance and success (in any sport)
  • Fitting into that dress on your special day
  • Healthy food and lifestyle changes
  • Sleep hygiene tools and techniques
  • positive body image

What is included in this package?

  • Weekly one to one sessions alternating between coaches
  • Email/telephone support by agreement with client
  • Food diary analysis (including your emotions towards food where appropriate)
  • Accountability in required
  • Coaches working together to meet your personal needs
  • Complete confidentiality guaranteed
  • Fully insured
  • Free ten minute no commitment coaching consultation with one of the coaches

I have loved working with “the girls” as I call them. I get to see Sally one week, then Suzanah the next, I also have email support when I need it and they work together to give me the best information and support based on my needs. The communication between them is first class. I can’t recommend this combo highly enough. I have a very stressful job in the City and I feel now that once a week I have somewhere to go with my own issues, but also I have made significant lifestyle changes in just three months, thanks girls.”  Anne

For further information please contact us via the contact page.

About Sally

I am a holistic wellness practitioner who works with clients on an individual basis in person or via skype. I offer information on lifestyle, diet and exercise and can help you find the motivation and tools to achieve your physical and emotional health goals.

I hold the following qualifications:
MA (Hons) Psychology
Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor Diploma
Mindfulness Practitioner (IAHT Certified)
Raw Food Nutrition Diploma (IAHT Certified)
Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance Professionals Registered)

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